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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Log

Here is a small poem I put together this evening...It's certainly not perfect form or anything of that nature, but I hope you can see past that to the message I am trying to get across. :)

“Oh, dear brother, let me help you!” 

I cried out in dismay— 

“You’ve got a splinter in your eye? Let me help take that away! 

It must be quite uncomfy 

To be in this distressing plight 

Well if you let me, you will see, 

I’ll soon put things to rights!” 

Quickly then I made my way to help my brother out 

Carefully trying to feel my way 

As I traversed my route. 

When I finally reached him, he raised his head to see, 

And in his ridiculous state he said, 

“You must be kidding me.” 

“What?!” I cried defensively, 

As I squinted down on him. 

He had the gall to say to me, “Well, your position’s grim. 

You think you can assist me in removing this small speck? 

I’ve got some news for you, Sis, that I think you ought to check. 

You’ve got a massive ugly log protruding from your eye. 

It’s so huge and obvious to all who pass you by. 

You hardly even made it here to help me out today… 

You had to stop so often, to adjust your log on the way. 

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I replied, “I CAN help you fix yourself! 

As if I’d have a beam in my eye, and not know it for myself! 

Dear brother, you are deeply wrong, if you won’t hear my advice; 

You keep that splinter in your eye, and you will pay the price!” 

So I stuck my nose up in the air, and turned away to leave 

And oddly enough, I stumbled…but why I can’t conceive. 

After all, does he not think that I can see clearer than he? 

Ah, well, I guess not everyone can be as wise as me! 

Dear reader, can you see the truth contained in this small rhyme? 

Why are we so quick to condemn, 

And put people down all the time? 

And why do we search with all our might, to find out others’ sins, 

Yet leave the greatest sin untouched—that which lies within? 

If we want to help a friend to see the small mistakes they’ve made, 

We first must repent ourselves before God, 

Who can take ALL sin away!

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  1. Mykaela, I just love that! Very well done...Kami


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