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Who I Am

My name is Mykaela McDowell, and I am 21 years old. I am striving with everything in me to make my life a beautiful song for my Lord! I am the oldest of 8, daughter to the most incredible parents in the world, and I've been a daughter of The King for 11 years. You can read the story of how I came to know The Saviour here.

Things I love include playing piano, (a LOT! :), writing songs, reading, baking, dark chocolate, espresso, apples, swimming, thrift store shopping, bowling, and playing games. I'm happy, random, and super invite me to do something crazy and spontaneous, I'll probably be up for it. ;)

My MBTI type is ENFP, and yes, I'm every bit as passionate and enthusiastic as they say I am. ;) I am outgoing and friendly, but definitely enjoy quiet times alone with a notebook, pen, and a mug of coffee as well. :)

I love 50's style clothing, and my fashion sense is dressy and a bit quirky...and I have so much fun with it. :) I guest blog regularly over at Modest on Purpose, a blog my friend Kimberly and I started together, to encourage young women who are perhaps just starting out on the journey of finding their own convictions on utilizing clothing to portray grace and inner beauty.

I began Making Music for The Master at the beginning of 2016, for several reasons. One was so I could try to be an influence on people that maybe I couldn't reach otherwise. I have many friends that do not live anywhere close to me, and sometimes it can be a challenge to keep in touch consistently. Through this blog, I can post my thoughts on lots of issues that we probably would have not discussed during the short times we see each other in person. :) Also, I only recently started realizing the love I have for writing, and have enjoyed having an outlet for that. Blogging has definitely been a learning curve, and I so appreciate those who have supported me as I try to figure it all out!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope that you are blessed and uplifted through it. Come again soon!

Psalm 18:2


  1. Hi, Mykaela! I found you through Kimberly's blog @peculiaronpurpose
    I love your hair! And although I haven't seen much of your blog, I like it so far!!!

    -Gray Marie

    1. Thank you so very much Gray Marie!!! Isn’t Kimberly awesome? ;) I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog! Hope you have a lovely day! Blessings, Mykaela


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