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Recommendations Of All Sorts

So. Here it is. The recommendation page, where I will continue to add my most-beloved things, of all shapes and sizes and descriptions, from music to websites to books to links for everything I can get links for--it's all here. ;) Well, I guess not ALL, I mean to write down everything I like would take get the point. I will be updating regularly as I find new stuff. They are in no particular order, but I'll try to clarify when needed. Also, this is rather a given, but not EVERY single word of each book, or line of each video is something I agree with. However, these are things I can in good conscience recommend as a whole. :) Enjoy! 

The Holy Bible, King James Version--The Book of Books. :)
Morning and Evening Daily Readings, by C.H. Spurgeon
Born That Way After All, by David Nixon (read it!!)
The Art of Singing, by Jennifer Hamady (This book has helped me sooo much with my singing!)
One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven, by Mark Cahill (one of the best books on sharing your faith you will ever read)
50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know, by Kay West (Can't recommend every single piece of advice, but the vast majority of this book is very sensible tips for being a classy and poised young lady. :)
The Walls Are Talking, by Abby Johnson (Age 15+ recommended...a heartbreaking but very relevant book on abortion.)

Pearl in the Sand, by Tessa Afshar
Land of Silence, by Tessa Afshar
Bread of Angels, by Tessa Afshar
The Atonement Child, by Francine Rivers (AMAZING BOOK)
Mark of the Lion Series, by Francine Rivers (recommended for a little older readers, maybe 13+)
Wars of the Realm Series, by Chuck Black
Kingdom Series, by Chuck Black
Knights of Arrethtrae Series, by Chuck Black (sensing a trend? :P Yeah, C.B. is an awesome author. ;)
The Hidden Hand, by E.D.E.N. Southworth
Ishmael, by E.D.E.N. Southworth, as well as Self Raised, the sequel.
The Bronze Bow, by Elizabeth George Speare
Burning Sky, by Lori Benton

Peculiar on Purpose (Kimberly's blog--Christian walk, personal convictions, etc.)
Modest on Purpose (I blog here regularly as well--modesty, fashion)
Mark Cahill (Great witnessing tools, tracts, books)
Thrift Books (super cheap books!!)
Born That Way Ministries (Life changing. Enough said.)
Josh Agan's Blog (thought provoking posts on Christian walk, looking past tradition, etc.)
The Babylon Bee (funny Christian satire website. While I can't 100% recommend every single article, it is hilarious)
More Radiance Blog (Very encouraging blog for young ladies...KJV only! :)
Dreaming in Alaska (Similar to this blog--thoughts on Christian life, Scripture, etc.)

My Favorite Song (I'll Never Forsake You :)
Steve Pettit Group (They have a LOT of music that I love. As in, they make up around 80% of my playlist. ;P)
Galkin Group (I've ceased to differentiate between these two...I almost think of them as the same group because though I like the Pettits slightly better, they are both such a huge part of my life.)
Dan Forrest (OH MY GOODNESS GUYS...this composer, and especially this is my new dream to attend a live concert of Jubilate Deo. I will buy plane tickets to another state if I must.)
Abby Geist (A sweet friend who is incredibly talented at writing music, both vocal and piano.)
Scottish Moors Album (Awesome backgound music ;)
Hannah Geist (Another good friend; really nice ladies trio songs with her and her sisters)
Yeah Toast!! (I will never not laugh)
With a Joyful Noise (Lovely solo piano hymns) 
Mary, Did You Know by Voctave (Chills. Lots of them.)
Eric Whiteacre's "Alleluia" (So, so beautiful)
Planet Earth II Soundtrack (Again with the chills!!)

My Wisdom Teeth Aftermath ;) Haha!
One Night With The King (The story of Esther--beautifully made, awesome movie)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (A classic!!)
Studio C on YouTube. Clean sketch comedy group...while not every single sketch is endorsable, pretty much all of them are family friendly and appropriate.
Horton Hears a Who (Hilarious family movie based on a Dr. Seuss book. ;)
Facing the Giants (I still cry every time... :')
Fireproof (Maybe have parents watch first just to make sure younger kids are ok to watch, but really really good.)
Planet Earth II (I recommend some caution as far as ignoring the evolutionary statements in this documentary...however, if you want to be blown away and astounded by this presentation of God's Creation around the world, check this out!! Also the soundtrack is spectacular. ;)
The Sound of Music (classic)


  1. Hi Mykaela! (did I spell it right?) :) My name is Grace. I found your blog today by a comment you left on More Radiance. I just love your blog title :) I love music (sacred music/hymns) and I try to write my own hymn arrangements, although usually I fail ;) I'm actually getting ready to change my blog name to Grace Notes, so seeing another blog name that mentioned music of some sort made me very excited! :)
    So, I wanted to just leave this comment to say, I really appreciated everything I read today on your blog! I love your writing style and your blog topics! Keep it up! :)
    Also, I was super thrilled to hear that you love the Steve Pettit Team, Galkin Team, and Dan Forrest music! I am very blessed to live in South Carolina, and I have been twice to Jubilate Deo performances! My dad sang in the first performance at BJU, in fact. The other performance was just in the past few weeks, and I wanted to let you know that I think that the live stream recording is still up on the BJU website! You may already know that, but I figured that I would let you know anyway, if you haven't ;) Isn't Jubilate Deo just amazing? Ngokujabula is the best ;) After listening to that, my whole family sang in zulu, including my 5-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister (to some extent)! xD
    I hope so badly that you can see Jubilate Deo in concert someday! It's incredibly powerful to sit and watch. I hope that you get to see it soon! :)

    1. Hello, Grace!
      How lovely to meet you!! Yes, you did spell it right. ;) Although very few people do the first time, so it's really not a problem. :P I am glad you like the title...I have considered shortening it to make my web address a little easier for people to remember, but haven't been able to make myself yet. I really like it too! ;) I'm sure that you do not fail at hymn arrangements--if you are playing/singing for The Lord's glory, it's never a failure! <3 Grace Notes is a SUPER cute and clever title, I love it!! I so appreciate your kind feedback. It is always good to hear that my blog content has been a blessing to someone. :) Wow, it sounds like our music tastes are crazy similar!!!! :D I love that! And I am trying desperately not to be jealous that you have seen Jubilate Deo. ;) Heehee! I keep looking and looking for performances near me. I even checked out the one at BJU (even though I live in Washington state). That says something about how bad I want to see it, haha! ;) One day, I am really hoping and praying that I can experience it in concert. I love the Rivertree Singers' performance of it on Youtube. They even have some singalong tracks with sheet music so you can practice the different parts! But I will check out the BJU recording as well, the more the merrier when it comes to Dan Forrest, am I right? :D Ngokujabula is awesome. Amazing. Incredible. *high five* :) Thank you again for your sweet words, I hope to see you around the blog again. Keep on being a radiant servant of Christ! <3 Love,


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