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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun Post: June Favorites

Initial disclaimer: This post is inspired by the lovely Kimberly, who was in turn inspired by Miss Rebekah Joy. Gotta love "plagiarizing" ideas from other bloggers. ;)

So this month, I've been doing lots of stuff, and just thought you all might like an update of sorts. :) I've been:
A Voice in The Wind and The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. Both incredible books that have made me laugh and cry, and ultimately have challenged me on several issues. I can't 100% recommend everything she says in them as far as doctrine, etc., but they are overall really incredible books!

Listening To...
This one Lexi Walker song. So pretty. My two absolute favorite artists, the Pettits and the Galkins. In particular, my favorite song, (Yes I just said that. My favorite song ever. I was actually able to pick one.) It's called I'll Never Forsake You, and it has helped me through so many difficult times, or even just times when I'm incredibly happy and want to praise The Lord! SO. AMAZING.

Working On...
Helping get my studio apartment in the basement fixed up. Especially the looks like a whole new room!! My dad is incredible at doing anything and everything remodeling, and my mom is a determined worker and loves making things beautiful! <3 

A lot of maxi skirts. I've been getting into the graphic tee + maxi pairing, and really enjoying wearing the couple of outfits I have that fit that description. ;P

Over the mountains to Oak Harbor (where my home church is), for the graduation of some good friends. Congratulations to them as they start new adventures!! I had so much fun over there with everyone. :)

"Give me Jesus" and "Bow the Knee". Some of my favorite songs to play on piano and sing. :)

A new song entitled "Matchless Redemption". I was going for a strong salvation message in this one, so the verses kind of talk about my personal salvation experience, and the chorus talks about the glorious redemption we have through Jesus Christ.

Looking Forward to...
Going to see Kimberly in August!!! Super thrilled that I have this opportunity. I'm hopefully going to be crossing off several bucket list items while with her, so it should be a pretty interesting 10 days! ;P One of those items is going on a big roller coaster. My hands are already slightly sweaty. XD

Wishing For...
A way that I could get into rock climbing/bouldering without so much time, expense, and difficulty reconciling modesty standards and harnessing equipment. :( Oh, well. I'll live. ;)

My little brother Kayson's 8th birthday!? I cannot believe that he is already 8....:O Crazy!! Also celebrated the one year anniversary of Blessed Hope Baptist Outreach this last month. Praise The Lord!

Broccoli Cheddar soup and Chicken Spinach alfredo. YUM.

Starbursts; why I've been so into them lately, I do not know. I refuse to buy them anymore because I will eat all of them in one to two sittings. Ach!! :P

The coffee to beat all other coffees to tiny, itty bitty smithereens: *drum roll* BLUE STAR!! I've finally found a place in Wenatchee that sells it!! I was soooo thrilled when I saw that sign in the market. You guys will never understand how much I adore Blue Star coffee. 16 oz. triple shot hot breve with brown sugar. Sometimes a quad shot if I'm feeling wild. ;D

Planning on...
Starting to play piano at the public market I mentioned in the last point!! It's a really cool indoor farmer's market type thing, located in what used to be an old steel mill. There is a grand piano that you can put your name on a signup to play, and though you can't "solicit" tips, you're allowed to have a tip jar. ;) We'll see how that goes. I love the market, and it's not as much stress as actually performing...if people don't like my music, they are welcome to walk on by, lol! :D

Well, there ya have it! Hope I didn't bore you guys too much here. What have you been enjoying this month??
P.S. Just realized I have a rather large amount of links in this post, and I mentioned a couple of brand names. I have no sponsors or affiliates, and I do not own any rights. There we go. :P


  1. Aw! I love this! So fun to get a glimpse into your life... not that I don't get that anyways... but it's still fun!! ;) <3

  2. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 24, 2016 at 8:11 AM

    I follow Rebekah's blog too, and it's awesome! I also love post like these, so you should do them every once in a while :) That's so awesome that you're going to get to see Kimberly!! I also didn't know that you wrote songs, so that's really neat as well!

    1. Rebekah has already been a big encouragement to me through her posts/emails, and I've only been signed up for a short time! :) Yes, I hopefully am going to do one of this type of post once a month-ish? We'll see, but I'm glad to see a good response! ;) I am SOOOO thrilled that it worked out for me to book a ticket to go see was like a dream come true! :D August 26th I'm flying out!!! I have written about 10 songs for piano and vocal. This recording is of one of my earliest songs from a few years ago...the recording isn't the best, and I've actually added more since, but you can get the idea. ;)

    2. Here is one more recording I just did to show my grandma. :P Be warned: awful sound quality, etc...I'm not the videographer in the family, lol!! :D

    3. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 30, 2016 at 7:35 AM

      Just watched them. Oh my! Your playing is absolutely beautiful, and so is your singing! I don't know which one is more beautiful! The songs are also beautiful! You're an amazing writer!!

  3. Fun post!!

    Woohoo! Does that mean Kimberly is going to ride a big crazy roller coaster with you?!? And don't be too nervous, they're super fun! You'll like it ;)

    1. If she knows what's good for her she is! ;D Hahaha! No, I wouldn't "make her" if she truly didn't want to, but I am bound and determined to try it once in my life, and who better to help psych myself up, right?!? :D Lol! I hope I like it as much as everyone says I will...I've never been on a coaster, and never had any desire to, but I have to do it once just to say I have, and to prove to myself that I can. :P


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