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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Snippets: An Open Letter to my Generation

Proverbs 30:12 "There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness."
A few months back, I wrote a post in letter form, addressed to those embarking on a missions trip. It was well received, and I enjoyed writing it, so today is going to be another letter. This one is a bit more sober, but I feel so, so strongly about it, and believe it needs to be said. This is an open letter to those of my generation that have turned 18 and leaped with abandon off of the deep end, so to speak. Or just lived at home in total rebellion if they aren't old enough to truly leave yet. You know who you are. So here goes. 

Dear Christian young person of my generation,
I had the opportunity to see you again recently. You have long since walked away from church and your family for the most part as well, but since there was a big event at church, you darkened the doors again, enduring the message and staying just long enough to eat afterwards. I heard almost a year ago about your decision to quit church, abandon your dreams of serving The Lord with your life, and start living only for yourself. You were one of dozens that I had received the same news of in the last couple years. Though it's happened a lot, it never hurts any less. There is same sickening sinking feeling knowing that yet another has fallen into Satan's trap of selfishness and pride.

As I watched you from across the room, I thought of the times I used to talk with you as a sister in Christ, discussing plans of how we could best serve in our respective ministries, or when I went on the same missions trip as you. We stood side by side in a far off land, giving what small blessings we could to those people, but receiving so much more from them. I remember talking about how good the message at camp was, and how we needed to apply it to our lives. I remembered playing games during fellowship time, laughing and singing with the group. As all these things ran through my head, it hit me hard how different things were now. Instead of discussing how best we could serve, we didn't even really talk. What do we have in common now? Instead of trying to bless others together, I now watched as you showed up with worldly clothing and no desire to come back until maybe the next big event at church. But possibly not even then, I're too cool for church now, I guess. You've become part of the majority. You've become a statistic at the top of an article: "How many young people leave the church after they graduate". You've become a vessel that is not willing or fit for The Master's use.

What I say to you now I say with every fiber of sincerity and love in me. Wake. Up. Please. You may not realize this, which is why I'm telling you: YOUR ACTIONS DO NOT EVER ONLY AFFECT YOU. Every single member of this body of Christ suffers without you here. You are missed at every church service, every outreach or door-knocking time, every single thing that happens, your absence leaves a hole. And when other young people look at you, and follow in your footsteps?? Guess what? An even bigger hole appears. And it grows and grows continually. 

I care deeply about you, as your friend and as your sister in Christ. There are many, many people who are weeping and praying for your return to the truth. I can promise you that when you walked out, it was a dark day for your parents, your true friends, your pastor, and your church. Every single one of us wants God's best for you! When you turned your back on His will for your life, you got out of the safety of His path. Every other way you follow will be rough and weary without His hand of blessing. I say none of this to be unkind, or to disrespect you. I am one of many who are sick and tired of watching Satan win. Of seeing our generation fall to ruins and stop being beacons to the world, but instead, opportunities for the world to mock true Christianity. Don't you think there are enough young people falling away, without you joining their ranks?! If you are going to truly serve God, you will be a minority. You will face difficulties. And you will be persecuted. But through Him, you can change the world. Standing alongside your brothers and sisters who chose the minority, you can help bring the lost world to Christ. That is the only worthy goal in this life. If you aren't following that goal, you are in the wrong place.

I exhort you to look around you and determine if you really want to continue on the path you're following. If you are in church, striving to follow God's will for your life, and honoring Him, then Amen!! You are part of the mighty few who will change the world for Christ. But if not, then I and every other true Christian beg, and plead with you to return to The Lord, for He will have mercy on you, and will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) It's NEVER too late to start serving your Creator once more!! Love in Christ,


  1. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 19, 2016 at 1:56 PM

    Being young myself, I've seen this happen to SO many people, whether it's family, friends, or acquaintances, and it really is super sad! I wish everyone could read this ;-)

    1. I agree, Elizabeth!! It is one of the hardest things to feel like your circle of friends is dwindling due to people making horrible choices. I'm wishing I had the nerve to send this to a few specific people myself. ;P


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