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Friday, March 31, 2017

Fun Post: March Favorites

Hello, everyone!
Sorry I've been a bit uncharacteristically quiet in the blogging world lately! :) I may be even more silent in April, just as a warning. ;P I have a ton of fun stuff coming up! Here are some of the things I've been enjoying this month!

Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. This is a reread for me (perhaps I should say a re-re-re-re-reread? :P) I think I have read it around 6 or 7 times since I discovered it a couple years ago. It's that good of a book. While I definitely don't agree with all of Rivers' doctrine, for the most part this is an extremely gripping and beautiful read, with a really sweet message. It focuses a lot on more mature issues such as abortion vs. pro-life, etc., so I would recommend it for older readers (13+). 

Copper Sun by Sharon Draper. I would say caution with this book. It is a heartbreaking account of one girl's journey through being taken from her homeland into slavery, and eventual escape to freedom. While it was an interesting read, it has some mature content, and I was saddened by the author's obvious non-Christian viewpoint. I wish that someone with a godly worldview could write a similar story through the lenses of God's Word. :( Wouldn't recommend this one.

Thankful for...
My dad's very successful and spiritually profitable trip to Jamaica for a week!! He and the other men that went with him were able to witness to hundreds, made some very good contacts, encouraged and taught the local pastors, and saw at least 1 soul saved! Others are still being worked with, so please pray about that! We are so thankful for our opportunity to reach Jamaica through our ministry to the workers in the orchards here. For 5 seasons, we have held services and Bible Classes with these men, and finally Papa and Bro. Chris were able to visit!! And the timing couldn't have been more perfect...God had been working for years to orchestrate the details of this trip perfectly. So amazing how He works! 

Enjoying my first...
Ice skating experience! Would you believe that I am getting on towards 21 years old and had never gone ice skating before this past month? ;P Since I used to rollerblade a lot (before I broke my ankle), the motion was easy for me to grasp quickly. I only fell twice or maybe three times, and none were serious, just a temporary loss of balance. ;) A quick gravity check, so to speak. Anyway, I would definitely go again! I am not anything like graceful or adept at it, but I did really enjoy the movement and the smoothness of the ice. Super cool to try a new adventure! :)

Returning to...
My mountain for the first time this season!!!! This past week the snow was finally melted enough that my mom and I were able to climb Saddlerock again. I have missed doing that so much during the winter! The feeling of reaching the peak again is so energizing. And the cool thing about climbing? You get all the hard work over with at the beginning. ;P It's all downhill after that! (literally.) :D

Looking forward to...
Vacation, as I mentioned in last month's favorites. We are leaving in 2 days, and I am sooo excited for the time of recharging. :) Right after we get back, my dad's 3 siblings and his mom are coming for a week's visit! His brother and sisters have not been out to the West Coast since my parents' wedding almost 22 years ago. So's high time for a visit. ;P We are very happy about the fact that we can spend some time with them. Cue the late night Shoot games! ;D (If you don't know what Shoot is, you obviously have never hung out with my family for more than about 30 minutes. Haha! It's a game played with Rook cards that we are pretty crazy about. :)

My spring wardrobe. I'm pushing the season a bit, as Spring is still very much in it's trying-to-get-there stages. I've spent a couple Sundays at church shivering and cursing my outfit choices. But hey, that's part of every season change, right?? ;P You pull out the scarves and boots on the first 55 degree day of autumn, and dump them on the first 55 degree day of "spring". At least I do. ;) 

"Planet Earth II". Oh my WORD you guys!!!!! This is a documentary type movie made by BBC, and it is absolutely....indescribable. Seriously, I don't even know where to start on how astounding this is. The filming, the music, the narration; everything about it is absolutely spectacular. There are so many creatures and plants that I've never even heard of, and they are brought up close and personal in the most sharp, clear, stunning videography I've ever seen. While there is a small amount of evolution/climate change garbage, it really is pretty minimal. Don't let the word "documentary" scare you away...this is a must-watch. It will make your jaw drop at the wonder of God's creation! I have watched the first three episodes so far, and can't wait to finish it. If you live in my area, you can get it from the should totally check it out! :)

Loving the little things...
Such as naps. They are so awesome for powering back up after a long morning. I find that 26 minutes (also known as a NASA nap ;) is perfect for me to wake up rested. Also loving a new clay mug I got for 99 cents at Goodwill, lovely for drinking Aeropress and warming my hands on. Sparkling Lemon Bai drinks. Flowered lace black flats. My bluetooth speaker that I can listen to in the shower. Taking pictures with little Miriam. Texting ridiculous pictures to certain friends of mine. Pictures such as me drowning my sorrows in a can of whipped cream, or making a face like one of the Whoville city council members on Horton Hears a Who. Hahaha! Nothing too crazy, you know, just very me. ;P 

Well, that's a wrap for this month, folks! What have you been loving about the month of March? I hope April is even better! :) Have an amazing week!


  1. I've actually been ice skating once, and believe it or not, I didn't fall! lol I love how you didn't leave out the "little" things, because those can be just as important! :)

    1. Wow, that's awesome! The times I fell, I was trying to skate backwards, lol! :D I am totally hooked on listing out the "little things"...I feel like it really helps me to be more grateful! :)

  2. Your fun posts are so fun! (I didn't realize until I typed that sentence that it would sound rather ridiculous. But they are fun! No wonder you chose that name.. ;)

    "Quick gravity check" indeed. That's a great way to put it! I've done a few of those myself! :P

    Isn't the spring weather the best? Our snow is shrinking away,and there's less than a foot in some places! ;) I even took a six mile walk a couple days ago with no jacket! ( That's a lot for me!)

    "Planet Earth 2" sounds nice! I'll have to see that. And... Mykaela... "drowning my sorrows in a can of whipped cream".. Good grief! ;)

    1. Haha, I'm glad you think they are fun, Jenny! ;D

      It's always fun to check that gravity is still working. Especially when someone is watching you... :/ ;)

      Wow, a 6 mile walk?? That's great!! I am looking forward to getting back to the YMCA when we get home. :)

      You DEFINITELY need to see Planet Earth 2!!! It is incredible!! There's kind of a long hold list right now but it's worth the wait. Absolutely.

      Haha, I really really love whipped cream, what can I say? :'D


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