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Sunday, April 23, 2017

They Gave. What Have You Done?

Abel gave an acceptable sacrifice.
Enoch gave absolute commitment.
Noah gave manual labor.
Abraham would have given his only son.
Joseph gave up his hopes, dreams, and plans.
Moses gave strong, Godly leadership.
Joshua gave good council, both in war and in peace.
Rahab gave shelter to the spies, by faith.
The Judges gave justice and guidance in troubled times.
Ruth gave unconditional love.
Elijah and Elisha gave healing, judgement, and hope.
Nehemiah gave up time and personal safety.
Esther gave deliverance to her people.
Job gave everything precious to him.
David gave mercy to his enemies and passionate praise to God.
Solomon gave of his wealth.
Isaiah gave prophecies of the coming Messiah.
Jeremiah gave truth where truth was not wanted.
Ezekiel gave God's Word, though everyone hated him for it.
Daniel gave his whole heart, mind and strength.
The three Hebrew children gave their bodies to violent death rather than disobey God.
Hosea gave to those who were not worthy.
Jonah gave under protest.
Matthew gave up his dishonest livelihood.
Mark gave his service.
Luke gave his talents.
John gave humbly.
Paul gave writings, time, and strength.
The widow gave two mites, all her living.
Mary gave precious ointment.
Martha gave her skills.
Zaccheus gave back four times as much as he took.
The little boy gave his loaves and fishes.
Peter gave bold deliverance of The Word.
Barnabas gave compassion and support.
Dorcas gave help to widows.
One of the ten healed lepers gave God the glory.
The woman at the well gave her testimony.
Timothy gave behind the scenes work and encouragement.
Philemon gave undeserved forgiveness.
Onesimus gave up his freedom.
All of them gave their lives.

And One Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave more than all of these. He gave His perfect, holy blood. He gave His ALL. He gave so we could live. He gave matchless grace.

What have you given?


  1. Wow... I can see why you labeled this "challenge", Mykaela! There is a good reason all of these people were mentioned in the most important Book in the world, and that some of them were chosen to write sections of it by inspiration. Because all of them gave of their time, lives,and had such faith, God used them in a mighty way. They weren't perfect, certainly. But they gave of their best to the Master. That is a very, very convicting! Thank you for your time on this wonderful post! :)

    1. Amen and amen!! After I published this, I kept thinking of more and more people that I could have added...the Bible is so jam packed with examples! And I love that song, "Give of Your Best to The Master", it's so applicable! :)


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