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Monday, January 9, 2017

My 2017 Goals

Lamentations 3:22-24 It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

I always love the feeling of a new year beginning. It is a fresh start, a time to reevaluate priorities, and to set new ones. It's a time to begin different "traditions", so to speak, or new daily habits and routines. 

I personally don't like using the term "New Year's Resolution" at all, however...simply because it brings up negative thoughts to me. ;) I think of that term, and it means a temporary commitment that people make, and fizzle out on by the time February 1st or so rolls around. 

For me, as I start this new year, I do have goals that I'd like to strive towards, but they are just that--goals. Targets. I know that I'm going to miss the targets sometimes, and that's ok. I'll start again in the morning. :) That's how The Lord works in His mercies to us...they are new every morning! And that's how I hope to be as well. On January 1st, I spent an hour or so alone in my room, just thinking and praying about what I would like to accomplish this year, both spiritually and generally. Since I now have an answer on the full time work I applied for, (I didn't get it), I still have a very flexible job. And I don't want to squander the opportunities that creates. God is so good to give clear direction on stuff like that! Without further ado, here are some of my "targets" for 2017. (Not in any particular order.)

  • Learn something new. Be it a skill, like rock climbing, (something I really want to learn), or an area of knowledge I haven't previously studied out...I want to keep learning new things, even though I'm not in school anymore!
  • Read through God's Word at least twice. After doing it in 30 days, 6 months is nothing! ;)
  • Save money when I can. I do plan on having some bigger output this year as far as missions giving, travel expenses, etc., but I want to be careful of how often I get a piece of clothing I don't really need, or grab a breve at the coffee shop. ;)
  • Maintain my weight. While it's been a bit difficult lately due to the holidays, and some health issues I've had, I do want to continue to be mindful about this. By the middle of this past year, I was able to reach my goal weight, and while I have gained some since then, I really would love to stay close to that point by thinking about what I eat and staying active. (Both great things to do anyway, weight management or not! ;)
  • Pick up a new instrument. I haven't learned a new instrument for several years now. I miss it. :) I want to watch Craigslist and see what treasure I can get. Nothing fancy, I'd just like to learn something new in the way of music! (See first point.)
  • Build up my hope chest as I am able.
  •  Pray. A lot. As in, about 10 times the amount I'm doing now. I need to make it a constant, daily habit!
  • Work on holding my tongue. I just need to shut up for more of the time! ;P
  • Write out my songs. I have a hard time staying motivated and on top of's one thing I really tend to procrastinate on. However, I do need to get at least lead sheets done. 
  • Witness verbally more. I have already started working on this in the past couple of weeks!
  • Start each day with gratitude. I'm writing out a little paper each morning with just one thing I am thanking God for. I'm putting them in a jar, so I can look back on them whenever I want to. :) Today's was "cozy clothes". Not life changing, but when there are 11 inches of snow outside, I am thankful for soft sweaters and fuzzy socks!!
A couple things I would like to do this year, but they are not goals, more like dreams....

  • See a new country. Possible, since I may be going on a survey trip to the Pacific Islands with some church members...
  • Go to a concert of Dan Forrest's music. Jubilate Deo in particular!!! 
  • See some of my faraway friends and family. Grandma McDowell, Kimberly, cousins... :)
  • Record an album. Certain people keep breathing down my neck about this. :/ ;P
There you have it! I know some of them are kind of ambitious, some would maybe say unattainable. But hey! Again, I'm just working on them! I don't expect to achieve every single thing on the list, I just want to reach for each one of them in some way this year. :) 

Today I went sledding and probably messed myself up internally (I literally got like 2 feet of air. On a disc sled. On a hill packed into a sheet of ice. That impact can't be good for my spine. :'D). But what does that matter when you're having a great time with your family, right?? ;) How is your winter going? Do you make goals at New Year's? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! :) Have a wonderful week,


  1. These are all great goals!

  2. You messed up. It is absolutely imperative you see me this year. In fact, you're not allowed to go to 2018 without doing as little. WE NEED THE CURE. Otherwise... love it! ;) <3

    1. Okay, sorry!! It's imperative. ;P WE DO NEED THE CURE.

  3. Alright,Mykaela, you're in trouble now. How is it that I didn't even make the list of faraway friends you would like to visit this year,when you've been promising and promising you would soon? I don't deny the fact that you should visit your grandma and your best friend. However,I am a lot closer than they are,and I do live in practically the coolest place in Washington, so...I guess I need to stop talking to you so much in order for you to miss me more. (I'm mostly kidding, but you are in high demand,Missy. All these friends vying for your attention.. ;)

    Anyway,I love your post except for that..

    I wish I'd been able to think and pray about my goals on the 1st.. As you know our day in town was kind of messed up with rental property situations. Then we stated the night in our warehouse thingy,which was quite cozy with all six of us and our stuff. There was not much peace and quiet to evaluate goals for the year! Since coming home I've been caught up in school and the birth of my niece,but that's something I need to do soon!

    I love your ideas of the gratitude jar,reading the Bible through twice,praying and witnessing more. I'm laughing at your goals of learning a new skill and a new instrument.. You overachiever! (No,that's great,go for it! Have you considered martial arts and the Irish pennywhistle? I've always wanted to learn those! ;) Mostly I'm laughing at your eleven inches of snow..tee hee. I think we Stehekinites have you beat! :D


    Love in Christ, Jenny

    1. Jenny, you silly old bear!!!
      There is a very specific reason you didn't make the list. You aren't far away!!! You're just...kind of hard to get to. ;P But you didn't make the list because it's absolutely a plan of mine, not a target, to come and visit you. I just have to figure out when. ;) And I'm serious about that. :)

      Hey, it's never too late to evaluate goals! Like I said, new every morning. :P It was lovely to spend New Year's Eve with you at the cabin!!! So much fun.

      I would LOVE to learn martial arts!! (Of some kind. Not any of the super spiritual stuff, but something like Krav Maga or similar, where it's for self defense and not "discovering your inner self", etc. ;). As for the Irish pennywhistle, I actually already play that. The only reason you haven't heard me play it is because it broke a few months back. :( I used to always carry it in my purse so I had some way of making music on the go. :) I really need to get a new one, it's super fun. What I REALLY want is called a "Low D" pennywhistle. It's bigger and, you guessed it, has a lower tone. However, it comes at a price of a couple hundred smackaroos. Yeeaah, not happening. ;)

    2. Okay,you're forgiven. I admit that I was utterly and completely wrong,just as Mr. Darcy was in his mistaken supposition that Jane Bennett didn't truly love Mr Bingley. I just took it for granted that you'd forgotten all about me..but I see now that I was very far off the mark, since you called me a silly old bear,which, as everyone knows,is a title of sincere affection. :D

      I'm still going to make a list of goals for this year,don't worry. But in 2016 God certainly showed me that His ways are not my ways,nor are His thoughts my thoughts. (I should have known that already,but I am a rather silly old hear,as you said! ;) Anyway,I've a feeling that no matter what plans I make,He's going to have some of His own too! (Which is great! Who better to plan your life than the One who gave you that life? :) And I'm so glad you had fun at the was pretty wonderful!

      I don't know anything about Krav Maga. My father and brother took a month or two of karate training, and I used to love to watch them. I don't remember any spiritual stuff but I was pretty young. I still know how to count to ten in Japanese, though,and that's something! :) Of course,I didn't mean for you to try any weird stuff. More self defense,it's priceless information.

      I should have known that you'd have already conquered the pennywhistle. What don't you know how to play? How bout the washtub bass? :)


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