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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 66:8-9 O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard: Which holdeth our soul in life, and suffereth not our feet to be moved.

As I was looking through Psalms this morning to find a good verse to text to all my dear friends as I wished them a happy day, this one stuck out to me. This won't be a long or pithy post; just a wish for all of you to have a wonderful day of gratitude to our Saviour (who holds our soul in this life, and our breath in His hands!), fellowship with family and friends, and wonderful food. ;) Just a quick list of some of the thousands of things I have to be grateful for...
  • My Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I am nothing.
  • God's holy Word. The guidebook for all of life.
  • My precious family. Papa, Mama, Micah, Malachi, Mercy, Kourage, Kayson, Kebron, and Miriam; every one of them a gift. :) <3
  • My sweet friends, each of whom has such special talents and strengths...who support me, laugh with me, talk with me, and pray with and for me.
  • The health of my body. May I never, never take this for granted.
  • My home. My quirky, "brand-used, slightly new" home, as Oma calls it. ;)
  • Music. I can't even imagine life without it.
  • Coffee. Um...enough said. ;)
  • The hundreds of little things that just make me happy and bring a smile to my face. Cute couples. Baby animals. Christmas lights. Antique furniture. Fuzzy sweaters. Fuzzy blankets. Fuzzy socks. Fuzz in general. Long fancy dresses. Newborn babies' tiny-ness. Little kids' drawings. Peppermints. Old books. Whipped cream. Truffles. Sunsets. Adventures. Late night talks. Rainy mornings. Sleeping in. Snail mail. Old couples still very much in love. Roses. Dainty jewelry. Getting a package unexpectedly. Cheesecake. Soft, crinkly bundles on Christmas. Summer evenings.
I'm going to stop here, not because I have run out of things to say, but because there is not enough time or room to say them all. I pray that each and every one of you would take a few minutes today to think about what God has done in your life, and what He is doing. His plans are so perfect if we just follow them! :) Lastly, I want to say that I am so very thankful for each of you that takes the time to visit my blog. I know I am random and probably weird at times, (or a lot of the time, haha! ;), but you have stuck with me, and I am grateful to each of you for that. God bless you all! Love,


  1. I'm thankful for so many things this year,way too many to list right now,but I'm very grateful to the Lord for all He has given me. He is so very good, isn't He? Praise Him indeed!And I'm so thankful for you,Mykaela. For your beautiful, inspiring, and thoughtful posts, which always draw me nearer to Our Lord and Saviour, and for your amazing friendship for nearly a year and a half! I love you so much,my friend,and thank God for you!😀

    1. You are so sweet, Jenny! I feel incredibly blessed to have a friend like you. You have been such a wonderful addition to my life since we met!!! I hope that soon we can live close to each other again. :) Thank you for your kind, encouraging words!! Love you!


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