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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lovely Sayings: August 31, 2017

Hello, all you wonderful people!
I have read some articles on a blog by a young lady named Moriah lately, and one of her blog series stuck out to me. She calls it "Sweet Saturday Sayings", and publishes a post every week with a bunch of beautiful quotes and sayings about various and sundry topics. 

I thought I would steal her idea (because what would the blogging world be without some honest plagiarism? ;P). I don't think it will be every week, but I do have a LOT of good quotes saved on my Pinterest boards and around my house, etc. My life is surrounded by words. Different fonts, colors, and hundreds of phrases of joy fill the walls of my room. So why not start a little blog series that hopefully will bless you all in the same way? :) Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images, and though I don't know if I can give credit to the original creator on every one, I hope it's ok if I'm simply showing them on my non-monetized blog. ;P Here are some quotes to brighten your long weekend up even more! ;) (By the way, my comments on each image are underneath the quote, not above. Sometimes it's hard when there is a row of images and words to figure out which one I'm referencing. ;)

Isn't this one lovely? The hands of Almighty It makes me think of Isaiah, where it says that He holds the waters in the palm of His hand. :)

This one blows me away. I have no words. :O

So very true. <3

I need to take this to heart and practice it every day. Thoughts have power!! 

I try not to open my phone before I open my Bible, but it is a definite conscious decision that has to be made every day to put God first!

This is from Ann Voskamp, whom I don't agree with on everything, but my goodness...that lady has a gift with words. And some of her quotes are so beautiful they can bring tears to my eyes. :')

So good!

Hopefully this one is big enough to read...this is incredibly true. As an ENFP, I have to struggle against letting emotions or feelings become things that I rely on too much. That is a dangerous game!

How important prayer is!

And finally, one of my favorite quotes of all time. I want to write a song with this phrase soon. :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!! Let me know what you think...should I do more like it? Also, if you have a favorite quote or verse, send me an image or just tell me what it is and I'll try to include it in the next quotes post! :) Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oooh this was such a fun post!! I've seen a lot of those quotes on Pinterest -- they're all awesome :) But my personal favorite is the Hudson Taylor quote about tuning your "instruments" before performing. I would have suggested that one if you hadn't have included it in today's quote post... but, great minds think alike ;) Thanks for sharing these!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Grace! YES, I love the Hudson Taylor quote, too! I have a sign just beneath my bedroom window, which I open first thing every morning. It says, "In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus." That is one of my favorite songs, and seeing it reminds me to put God first every day! <3 :)

  2. I think this is a great idea! I love all the wonderful little quotes that I have on Pinterest, but I rarely have time to actually ponder on them. It was lovely to have them pop into my inbox! :) These are all so very true, and each is beautiful in its own way. I would enjoy reading similar material in the future! Thanks! :D

    1. Thank you, Jenny, so happy you like this type of post! I wasn't sure, because I know we are so inundated with "quotes". ;D Anyway, hope you are doing well, I miss you! :)


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