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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun Post: January Favorites

I can't believe the first month of 2017 is already over. It feels like we just had New Year's!? Crazy how time flies. ;) Anyway, in January I've been:

Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright. I love this author, but for some reason had never got around to this book. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as some of her other books, but I do really love the descriptive way in which she writes. I would definitely read it again! :)
The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. This series is kind of an old favorite of mine. While I don't love everything about either of these authors, their books were a big part of my childhood, and rereading them really takes me back. :)
I know I've been reading other books this past month as well, but I'm totally blanking out on what right now, and for various and sundry reasons I can't actually check my bookshelf, either physical or my library checkout history. Yeah, anyway. ;P

100% white grapefruit juice. I think it's Welch's brand, but anyway, Grocery Outlet has the little cans for 25 cents each. They are such a nice, refreshing pick-me-up for so little money!! :) Also, the sparkling Lemon Bai drinks are amazing. So yummy.

A LOT of racquetball. As in, nearly every single day of the week, I've been going to the gym with a couple family members to play. It is WAY too much fun to be such amazing exercise!! I really enjoy it, even though both my parents are still skunking me every time. ;P We have never had a gym membership before this, and I've really been enjoying the ability to go early and work out before anyone is up. Also, the variety of machines, etc., helps to keep me motivated. As does the accountability from my family. ;)

Looking for...
An alto saxophone. If anyone knows of one, on Craigslist or wherever, for a good price, let me know. I'm trying to make good on my goal of learning a new instrument this year, and I really, really love the sax. :)

Visiting with...
Some friends from Oak Harbor, (where my home church is), who came over for a youth retreat. We've had a blast while they have been here. Playing signs and Never Have I Ever (which I had never played before. Heh. Heh. ;), having devotions and outreach together, and enjoying the snow here. (They don't get much snow over there. Actually pretty much all they ever see is rain. Ever. ;P) 

My very first piano lesson ever!! A family in my church is generously making a way for me to take lessons from an amazing teacher, free of charge. What a huge blessing!!! :) I am so excited to be taking piano lessons, finally! (And I had specifically prayed about that, around a week before I randomly get this call about "Do I want to take these piano lessons off their hands". God answers prayer, people. :)

This tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant a couple towns over. I took my parents out to breakfast there after hearing amazing things about the place online...well, the reviews were not lying. At all. The guy is a 5-star chef, (literally, he got sick of the rat race at his 5 star restaurant and decided to "run away" by starting over in a tiny little town with one stoplight.) Anyway, my mom and I decided to split a plate. When it came, it was about the size of a serving platter for a family of four. At LEAST. We both stuffed ourselves, took a box home, and fed all four of my youngest siblings breakfast!! Unbelievable taste and portion sizes. ;) I seriously think you could take 6 adults to this place and get 2 plates. :O It's called Take-a-Break cafe in Dryden, Washington. Try it out if you are ever here, but don't go without me, please! ;P

Listening to...
A lot of music from this album from the Galkins. So, so pretty. <3

The blizzard we've had today. (6+ inches just today, with up to another foot and a half or something by Wednesday?!) My memory foam pillow. Chocolate chip cookie dough. String cheese, melted. Quotes by Corrie Ten Boom. My homemade toothpaste and face scrub. Hanging out with friends. Playing games with my family. Getting my hair cut short(ish). Kebron's impression of Pigeon Toady from Storks. ;P Chatting with Kimberly. The new website they are launching at work. My new piano arrangement book from James Koerts, my favorite hymn arranger. 

That's a wrap for brain is too tired to contemplate anymore. ;) What have been some of your favorite parts of January? Are you holding up on your New Year goals? :) Have a great week!! Love,


  1. I didn't realize you had never had piano lessons! You're so good at it :) And oh my goodness! James Koerts! I just discovered him last year, and am so in love with his arrangements! What arrangement do you have? At some point in my life(lol) I'm going to have to get his complete Hymns Project ;)

    1. Aww, thanks Elizabeth!! My mom taught me how to read music when I was around 4 or 5, but other than that I haven't had any. Super cool to start them now! James Koerts is AMAZINGGGGG. I love his stuff sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh. The Hymn Projects are awesome. His book "Coming Home" is gorgeous too...<3

  2. Ahhh!!

    So firstly, I can't believe you had never play Never Have I Ever!! There's also the opposite side of the game called I Have, and you say things you've done that you think nobody else has done. It's a classic. ;)

    Well it looks like we know where we're going for breakfast next time I'm in Washington! I'm already hungry.

    I've been listening to the Galkins a ton lately, too!

    String cheese melted?! You would. ;P

    I think I need these toothpaste and face wash recipes.

    I CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR SIBLINGS ARE IMPERSONATING PIGEON TOADY TOO. ALL I HEAR ALL DAY EVERY DAY IS "Did you see my girlfriend? She's in Canada. She migrated. She's not made up. Look at her! She's real, brah! Look at her!"

    January has been crazy for me, but a favorite has definitely been chatting with you, too! :D <3 <3

    1. I know!! I had known how to play it for a really long time, but somehow it had just never really happened with a large enough group or anything. It was super fun, I loved it!! I'll have to try "I Have" sometime soon too. :)

      Ohhh, yeah. We will totally be going to Take-a-Break whenever you come next. ;) No question.

      The Galkins and Pettits will forever be a huge part of my life. :) <3

      Yup!! I would. ;P It's super yummy and gets all stretchy and chewy and squeaky when you eat it melted! Like cheese curds!! :D

      Absolutely you can have the recipes. Coconut oil and baking soda are the two main ingredients in both of them. Actually the face wash, those are the ONLY two ingredients. ;P The toothpaste has a few more...

      Bahahaha!!!! Why do we love him so much when he is like THE most annoying character in the movie?! :'D Kebron's version of "How Do You Like Me Now?" will never be beat. (Obviously he skips the rocky bit of the song, but before that, where he is thinking of it. :'D) And the girlfriend lines are a close second. In racquetball, whenever me or my parents do a particularly good hit, we will say, "How do ya like me now, BRUHHHHH????" Oh my goodness. Good times. ;P

      That one talk we had a couple days ago was so much fun. :) <3 Me keeping you up hiding in your closet until all hours of the night. ;P

  3. I don't think I've ever read any Elizabeth Enright books..did she write Thimble Summer? My sister Kimberly loves that book. :) Mykaela.. Aren't those books a little below your reading level? ;)

    I've never had grapefruit juice! It sounds yummy! grocery Outlet has its good points!

    Ha! So you've discovered Take a Break Cafe,huh? My dad loves that restaurant.. He always tries to eat the So-Be-It,which is their largest plate (platter really!) of food. He's taken our whole family out to eat there for the past two Easter Sunday mornings before church as a special treat. I don't usually like to eat out at any sit-down restaurant but those are some pretty good memories! :)

    I'm so glad to hear that you've been having such fun,with friends visiting and piano lessons and playing in the snow! :) We have had quite a few dumps of snow up here too! I can't believe how fast January has gone past either, and I've a feeling February will flash by even faster,since we have a lot planned for this month!

    1. Yes, she did write Thimble Summer, Jenny. While that one is not my favorite of her books, it's still pretty good. :) Yeah, they are below my reading level. But since I started reading them while small, they have grown with me. ;D Haha!

      I love so many things about Grocery Outlet!! Once in a while you'll get a "dud" but for the most part it is really awesome!!! I got some delicious mint ice cream bars there the other day for 33 cents!! :D

      Yes, I heard of Take-a-Break through hearsay from a coworker, actually. ;P It is AMAZING. I want to go again soon. :)

      You are turning 18 this month!! I can't believe it. :) I hope I can make it up for your bday!

  4. Uh, Mykaela, how often do I have to remind you (as one who actually lives on this island of paradise) that we have much more than just rain?? I'll leave it at that since you've heard the rest more than once... :);)

    1. Hahaha, is this Abby? I get the feeling it's Abby. ;P Ahem. We shall agree to disagree on the issue of Whidbey Island rain, unknown stranger! :'D


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