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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Sun

So yesterday I was reading a book by an incredible authoress named E.D.E.N. Southworth. (The initials stand for Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte--I can see why she went for a short version. ;) Anyway, in one of her books, some young ladies were complaining that the sun had not been shining for several days, and how dull it seemed. Their sweet governess took the opportunity to teach them a lesson about The Lord and His love for us. I thought it was SO good! I'm going to quote it straight from the book, "Her Mother's Secret".

"The sun, dear girls, is always shining for us. The earth turns around from the sun, and it is night--turns toward him, and it is day. The earth wanders far away from the sun, and it is winter--comes toward him again, and it is summer. But the sun shines in the empyrean all the time, wherever the earth may be. Fogs and mists arise from the land and water, condense in clouds, and obscure his glorious face, but they come down in rain or snow, clearing the atmosphere, and we say the sun shines again, when, in truth, he has been shining all the time.

And as it is with the sun and earth, dear children, so it is with our Father in heaven and ourselves. We turn away from Him, and our souls grow dark; we turn to Him again, and we receive His light. We wander far from Him into selfishness and worldliness, and we suffer a spiritual coldness and blindness; we come back to Him, and we are warmed and enlightened by His love and His wisdom. Sometimes doubts and fears and hates--the opposites of faith and hope and love--arise from our lower nature and hide from us the face of our Father in heaven; but He has not changed. He is always ready to bless us when we turn again to Him--turn in truth and love, children, not in terror and self-seeking. So, dear ones, when clouds and storms darken the atmosphere, think of the sun that is shining above them; and when doubts and fears  and sorrows and temptations come, think of the love and wisdom and power of our Father in heaven, and turn to Him for light, strength, and guidance."

I don't know about you, but I found that whole passage profoundly beautiful. I hope you enjoyed it as I did! 

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