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Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Birthday to You!

Hey there!
This is definitely a different post than normal, but today I'd like to wish those with February birthdays a very happy day!! :) I have several friends, including one brother, who turn another year young in February. It's fun to have times to celebrate, in a month with not a lot of holidays. (Or at least, not a lot for those of us who are single, lol! ;) 

I would specifically like to mention my sweet grandma, though I don't call her that, it sounds weird. ;) She has always been "Oma" to me, as long as I can remember. Today is her special day, and I am so, so thankful for her and her impact on my life!! She is a prayer warrior, constantly lifting up me and my siblings, my parents, and my extended family up in prayer. She cares about people more than almost anyone else I know. She can find out more about a person (AND REMEMBER IT!!) in five minutes, than I could in a week! Sometimes it will amaze me when we are walking through the mall together and she says, "Oh, that's ____...her son Bill's wife has been terribly sick, I wonder if she is any better!" And she has only met this person like two times. :D 

I am so thankful for her sweet spirit of thankfulness to The Lord, and for her encouragement to me, especially in the area of this blog. She has been 100% supportive of me since the very beginning of it. Thank you, Oma, I love you!! 

Secondly, I would like to wish Jenny a very happy birthday. I will finally be taking a trip up to her corner of the earth to visit this next week! Jenny is another friend who's been with me since the start of the blog, and is such a faithful reader and encourager... even when I feel like a certain post was awful, or poorly written, she never fails to leave a sweet comment with her thoughts on the subject! She loves to write, (I think she could totally write a book. Or two or ten.) and when she writes you a letter, it will be a real, old-fashioned, newsy, 3 page epistle! And I LOVE that!!! :) She is so much fun to be around, especially when she talks in an accent (which is pretty much all the time!), or pretends to be offended by my lack of vocabulariness. ;P I love dragging her into crazy adventures with me, and she usually comes along, under protest, but ends up having fun anyway. I think. ;)

So yeah! Today I just wanted to mention a couple of people specifically, because sometimes it's really fun to get a shoutout on your birfday! :) (Yes, I did mean to spell it that way.) For all of my February birthday friends, I hope you have an absolutely lovely day filled with wonderful memories and lots of ice cream!! :D And even if your birthday is in should still eat some ice cream because it's super yummy. ;P 


  1. I'm glad we August birthdays are invited in on the ice cream! ;)
    It was a different post, but I really enjoyed it! You love the people you mention and it's obvious. The description of their love shows your love for them and that you are grateful for them. I quite enjoyed it!

    1. Haha, ANY time is ice cream time, am I right??! ;D Those people who say that it's winter and therefore no ice cream are weird. ;P I am so glad you enjoyed the post...I always love it when people remember my birthday, so it's fun to mention other people's too. ;)

  2. Aww,this post is so sweet,Mykaela!! I feel so special to be mentioned specifically, and I'm sure your grandma does as well. Aren't grandmas the best? :) I know what you mean about it sounding odd to call them "Grandma" when you've grown up calling them something different. I have three grandmas,and to differentiate between them I use their last names for overdue two of them,and then I call my third grandma Nana. When people ask who I'm referring to when I say "my Nana" I describe her as my grandmother, but it always sounds so strange! ;)

    I am so very glad that you are indeed coming to visit me,as you say,FINALLY! And it's just amazing that it works out for you to actually come up on the boat with me, so that you can be there for my 18th birthday. :D That will be so much fun,and such a perfect birthday present!!!

    Mykaela, I have never,EVER read a blog post of yours that I thought was "horrible" or "poorly written". You have such a gift for communicating your thoughts and your love for the Lord and others! I admire your blog so much! :) And yes,you are absolutely correct about me liking to write a lot. I've actually written books,they just happen to be in my head. ;) So if my comments seem overwhelming sometimes, just imagine all the thoughts I edited in order to make them less than a page long! :P I really talk in an accent frequently? I mean,I love accents so I do try to fake them, but I didn't know I did it "pretty much all the time"!

    And,Mykaela. Dear. "Vocabulariness" is not a word. I am confident that you were already aware of that little tidbit of information,and meant it only as an attempt at levity since you knew it would ignite my ire and thus induce others to chuckle as I corrected you. And,to quote one of the most well-written and classic lines from a charming children's book,you are a "silly old bear". :P And so am I,obviously. Which is why we get along so well! I am so,so very thankful to God for being able to meet and get to know you. We've had such wonderful outings and fun adventures,and I am quite proud to call you my friend. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing you soon,and introducing you to my new home. Tomorrow the brave explorers begin their sally forth into the wild,untamed land across the seas.... :)

    Thanks for the " shoutout"! I was very surprised and pleased to get it in my inbox. :)

  3. I didn't know that was your Grandma! I saw her in one of your Youtube videos before, but I just thought it was someone you went to church with, and didn't catch what the reference meant lol And aww, you're going to have so much fun meeting your friend, I'm sure!

    1. Yes, that's her! :) She accompanied that one song that I'm blanking out on the name of right now. XD I did have a super fun time...she lives in a GORGEOUS area!! You have to take a two hour boat trip up into the heart of the mountains to get to it, and there is no cell reception, etc., so it was kind of like a vacation. :)


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