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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fun Post! August and September Favorites

Hey, all you fantastic people! :) These past two months have been both wonderful and hectic, which is why I'm lumping two months together in my Favorites post. I can't believe that August is over, and September almost??? What is happening? Also, I'm turning 20 in less than two weeks. WHAT is happening. :D I'm officially ancient now. ;) Anyhoo, here is a little peek into my happenings lately! I've been:

Travelling to...
Oklahoma to visit Kimberly!! I had an absolutely wonderful time. I experienced my first roller coaster, (AWESOME), my first earthquake, (not so awesome...that was never really a bucket list item, but now I can cross it off anyway. ;). I saw four states total, and generally had a blast. Kimberly and I have way too much fun together. We went zip lining, (see a pic of that on my new Who I Am page), rode water rides till we were wringing wet, and chose that time to take a cave tour, so we both got hypothermia I think... ;) We ate lots of junk food, of course, and sang loudly and badly through our Les Mis and Sound of Music playlists. Such fun! :)

"The Penderwicks" series by Jeanne Birdsall again. This is a series that I can't fully recommend every page of, (due to some boyfriend girlfriend silliness at 13 years of age. Pssh.) It is, however, a very sweet series about a hilarious family...I have read them a couple times over the past few years, and always liked them. I've read a couple other books too, but they have flown my brain right now for some reason.

Cinnamon Roll Cake with Cream cheese frosting. Oh my goodness, guys. I'm terrible. :O This cake is SO STINKING GOOD!!! You can find the recipe here if you don't have any thoughts of eating healthy. I do, but chose to ignore those thoughts for the occasion of this cake. ;P

Wishing For...
A Journaling Bible! I really want one of these (in KJV, obviously), so I can practice Bible journaling in a separate place from my main Bible. I have seen the coolest examples of people that are way better than I'll ever be, but still...doesn't hurt to practice, right?

Getting Excited About...
The group we have coming down from Alaska in October! We have about 20 people coming to help us do a mass outreach here in Wenatchee over one weekend. We are housing quite a few of them at our place, and some at a rental house. I think it will be really good! I'm excited to meet everyone, and get so much outreach done in a very short time. Also in October, I am going to Wyoming, Oak Harbor, and Sumas, WA, for various conferences and retreats. Really looking forward to that!

The smell of fall in the air. Septembers here are the most perfect, glorious weather you could imagine. 70 degrees, sparkling skies with a couple of fluffy clouds, just enough chill in the morning to make the leaves start changing...perfection. I love fall. :)

A new coffee and cupcake place, about 7 minutes walk from work, that sells a 24 OUNCE hot Breve. (My go-to at any coffee shop). Ohhhh, snap. Most places don't sell anything larger than 16 oz. in hot drinks! And they are SO cheap, too!! Like cheaper than Dutch Bros., which is way cheaper than Starbucks. I am going to be walking down there on lunch break a lot. ;)

"A Living Sacrifice" with the ladies at church. Such a pretty song, with gorgeous parts. I am working hard on perfecting the accompaniment, and have already memorized the soprano part so I don't have to be constantly looking back and forth between that and the piano section. Singing parts is just sooo fun and special for me. 

Listening to...
A song I found by Charlie Siem, entitled "Canopy". It is amazing. You can listen to it here. The first part, with all the pizzicato on the strings, makes me miss being in orchestra so bad!! 

Ikea, for the first time in over 5 years. Wow, guys. I forgot how incredibly large and interesting that store is! Just a word of advice from a friend, not go to Ikea when your dad is gone, so you and your mom have to herd 7 children through Ikea in Seattle. Slightly stressful. Actually, a lot stressful. ;P

And that wraps it up for today! I hope to be able to do a Favorites post for just October, but we'll see. It's going to be a really crazy month with travel and everything. I hope you all are doing great...what have been some of your favorites this past month?


  1. Hi Mykaela!
    I really enjoyed hearing what you've been up to recently. I'm so glad you had a good time with Kimberly��. I really want to try that cinnamon roll cake!(But with my job,and my shift meals,I have been eating way too much already! I am turning into a big fat whale. The next time you see me you will ask who the girl with such prodigious weight is����!)
    I have been enjoying the change to autumn here in Stehekin as well! Everything is so pretty,there is such a great variety of colors as the different trees slowly turn beautiful shades. God's creation is so perfect!
    I can't really relate to the coffee bit,since I can only stand to drink it if it is buried in chocolate and peppermint,but I'm glad it makes you happy!
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Hey, Mykaela! You may not remember me but I thought I'd say hi! (The super weird brunette girl from Fossil XD )
    You have a wonderful list here and I look forward to your next!
    By the way, I don't know if you've read them yet but I fully recommend the Mysterious Benedict Society series. It's got a wonderful cast of characters and a puzzling plot. :)
    As for the Journaling Bible...YES. I just got a Bible I'm devoting to Journaling in. Right now, I'm trying to decide what I want to do first (and a bit anxious I'll ruin God's Word. Send help.) I'd love to see what you do whenever you start! :)
    So glad I found your blog! Have a lovely day! <3


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